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Pricing - Instruction and RentalDescription: C:\windsock_web\images\gold-dollar-sign.jpg - VFR.  

N517DL rents for $110 per hour based on the Hobbs meter.  This is an all-inclusive cost that includes all maintenance and fuel.  If you need a second set of headphones for a passenger, that is included in our rental cost.  We offer a 10% discount for pilots that purchase 10 hours of flight time in advance.  This makes our rental rate $99 per hour which is one of the best anywhere in the United States for a comparably equipped aircraft.

Our approved independent instructors set their own rates but average approximately $35 per hour for their services including time in the air and time on the ground.  IFR instruction is slightly more.   Instruction given on the ground is critical to the proper development of pilot skills.  For a detailed price scenario to solo and then get a private license, see our Learn to Fly section.

All aircraft billing is done via the web, again keeping our costs low.  When you receive a bill it is due upon receipt.  We expect to have your payment in 10 days or less unless you pay in advance to receive the additional 10% discount.  Most pilots pay by check but special arrangements can be made to use a credit card.  However, there is a 3% processing fee if you choose to use your credit card.

Instructor payments are between the instructor and the student.  The student rents the plane from Windsock and also hires the instructor.



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