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Documents and Forms

These forms are used by pilots and students


Manuals for Onboard Equipment N517DL







Full Garmin GNS 400W Simulator

Garmin GNS 430W Simulator Program. This program can be downloaded from Garmin at no charge. It is large at 191 MB in size but after installation on your computer, you can simulate most of the 430W experience from home. Learn the GPS before you want to do something more than "Direct To."  This simulator includes WAAS functions in software version 3.0.  We have software v 5.1 but all v 3 features are still available.

CLICK HERE to download simulator for IBM-compatible PC running Windows XP or later operating system.


OnLine Scheduling Web Site

Use these credentials for view access only, but you can see how we operate our scheduling system.  On the login page use the logon entries on the right side of the logon page.

  • Username = FlorenceGuest

  • Password =  visitor


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