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While the majority of time flown with us is for instruction, both student, private, and instrument ratings, private pilots also rent our aircraft for personal or business use.  While business use is allowed, our insurance company prohibits commercial use of our aircraft where the pilot charges for his or her time.  A CFI giving instruction is NOT a commercial use and is allowed.  Once a pilot has received a check ride from a Windsock instructor and has submitted all required documents they can book the plane online using our scheduling web site.

If you need a second set of headphones for a passenger or even your own use, we have a set available at no charge when you rent our plane.

Our rental rates and policies are generous and can't be matched for comparable aircraft.  Pilots that have received training elsewhere and then move to our area are amazed at how much we have and the price we charge compared to their previous experience.  We have very low overhead and the savings are passed on to the pilot. 

If you want to take the plane overnight for business or pleasure, we require a 3 hour minimum for every 24 hours.  That can sometimes be reduced to 2 hours by prior arrangement if the plane is otherwise not scheduled. 

Please see our rental policy and required documents in the DOCUMENTS section of this web site.

You will also find all manuals for the avionics on board in our Documents Section.  Please review them to take full advantage of everything these "boxes" have to offer.


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